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Where to get help for drugs?

A positive place to begin is to take a visit to your GP. Your GP can talk about your worries with you, evaluate the start of your difficulties and assist you to select the best treatment that is appropriate to you. Your GP may offer to treat you or may refer you to your local professional substance facility. Many drug treatment facilities agree to take self-referrals so, if you are not happy discussing your problem with your GP, you may be able to approach your local substance treatment facility yourself.

You can find information about local drug treatment facilities on the Talk To Frank website. If you are having problems discovering the right kind of help, call the Talk To Frank drugs helpline on 0300 123 6600. A consultant will discuss with you about the different choices that are available.

Drug Keyworker

If you are seen at your local substance treatment facility, you will be assessed firstly and, if you are considered suitable for treatment, you will be assigned a keyworker immediately. Your keyworker could be a specialist drug worker or a nurse or a doctor.

Your keyworker will support you to arrange the treatment that is fit to your needs, progress a modified care plan with you and be your initial worker to talk to if needed at any point throughout the treatment. You will meet up with your keyworker for consistent one-to-one meetings throughout your treatment.

Charity and Private Drug Treatment

Outside the NHS, there are numerous charitable divisions and private alcohol and drug treatment groups that can and will help you. As well as residential rehabilitation centres, public services of numerous kinds are provided by voluntary groups. These consist of organized day programmes, outreach and harm decrease facilities, counselling facilities, aftercare and housing provision facilities.

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